Content Index Tool Service Terms

How to purchase the tool

  • The price for the GRI Content Index Tool is € 35.
  • To purchase, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below.
  • You will now be directed to the GRI Paypal system. Please fill in the required details and follow the instructions given.
  • Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email from the GRI Eshop with the web-link to the Online GRI Content Index page. Please use the same browser you have used to finalize the payment when opening the GRI Content Index Tool.
  • If you experience issues with the purchasing of the tool, the Online GRI Content Index page or the template, please contact

How does the Tool work?

  • Please select the ‘in accordance’ option for your report (either Core or Comprehensive) and have a list of all material topics for inclusion in your report ready and select the relevant disclosures to customize your Content Index template.
  • Once you have confirmed your selection, you can download your customized GRI Content Index template in an Excel format.
  • You may continue to customize and edit your selections as necessary for a period of 30 days after purchasing the tool. After this timeframe, the link is no longer valid. Also kindly note that once you have downloaded the customized Excel file, it is no longer possible to go back and change your selections. Beyond this point, it is suggested to make the subsequent edits in Excel using the normal functionalities.
  • Using this tool does not automatically generate a report fulfilling all the requirements of an in accordance option based on GRI Standards. The reporting organization is solely responsible for the data included in the report and the content index. Please see the Table 1 under claim 3.1 in GRI 101 to understand the Criteria to claim a report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards.