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This Database is 100% free for the general public

  • The Search area provides users access to all types of sustainability reports, whether GRI-based or otherwise, and relevant information related to the reporting organizations. You can search for a specific organization, or apply a number of filter and sort options to help refine your search results.

In order to make the Database data even more accessible to all stakeholders, GRI provides an Excel export of the report and organization metadata which is updated every month. The so-called GRI Reports List is provided in two versions:

  • Limited version - this version covers reports published in the GRI database in the previous 2 years and contains a limited number of data points per each registered report. This version is publicly available for free downloading.
  • Complete version - this version contains all available data points per each registered report. This version is available for a fee.

Find more about the Reports List here.

Users representing an organization with a profile in this Database are able to add additional information to their Organization and Report profiles to further highlight their organization and sustainability reports. Visit the Register Report page for more details.

Refer to the Data Legend for a full overview of the information included in this Database, including definitions and classifications.

This advanced online application is the outcome of years of data collection by GRI. Database profiles give an overview of organizations and their reports, making sustainability information easily and freely accessible to everyone.

The Database is owned and operated by GRI. By using this free application, you agree to the information contained in the Legal Notice. If you want to register a sustainability, corporate responsibility, or integrated report, visit the Register Report page.

GRI aims to continually improve the Database, and will continue to build on the existing Database structure to meet the evolving needs of all stakeholders. Please email GRI for any feedback and if you have any questions about the Database.

NOTE that registering your sustainability report in the Database does not mean that you have notified GRI of the use of the Standards. To fulfil the requirement under the clause 3.4 of the GRI Standards, you need to either send a copy of the report to GRI to or register the report or published material at

This icon refers only to those GRI-Standards reports submitted and verified either through the GRI Standards Report Registration System or the Registration Form. All reports and their self-declared claims of the GRI Standards use have been submitted and verified either by a representative of the reporting organization or by a 3rd party authorized by the reporting organization to do the notification on their behalf. GRI and the GSSB do not check the accuracy or content of the material and its claim.

To find the full list of GRI-Standards reports submitted and verified as described above, please go here.