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ICR Systems & Management

Data Partner for: Bolivia

ICR Systems & Management is an auditing & assessment organization, established in La Paz Bolivia and in Tübingen Germany in 2007. 

Our community of interdisciplinary experts and authorized auditors are dedicated about techniques within a frame of ISO Standards and the reporting standards GRI. We were  inspired by the possibilities of business working alongside with our customers, to optimize their value, which will enhance their competitiveness and enable them to access global markets. 

We provide technical service to companies across German speaking countries and Latin-American. With a client portfolio of the most important Bolivian companies and, as a leading organization, with international accreditations, ICR Systems & Management is nowadays also collaborating clients with a representation in Argentina. 

Our principal services focused in CSR /Sustainability Topics, are divided in five actions or  Business Areas, that are described as follows: Sustainability Management System (including diagnosis + planning + implementation + communication/reporting process + risk management); Reporting Training GRI G4; Third-party assurance and integrated audits on sustainability reporting.