Legal Notice

GRI invests considerable time, human resources and financial resources in the collection, maintenance and presentation of the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database. Any and all rights in the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database (such as database rights, trademark rights and copyrights) are therefore owned by GRI, notwithstanding any copyright that may subsist in the various reports, which copyrights shall remain with the respective copyright owners.

Any reporting organization with a profile in the Sustainability Disclosure Database can add information directly to the editable fields of the Organizational Profile and Report Profile sections. If certain fields are empty, this is because the organization has not provided this information. Each organization is responsible for entering content into the editable fields for the Report Profile and Organizational Profile; to the extent that copyright or database rights exist on such information, GRI shall be the owner of the rights in that information (but not of the report itself). Reporting organizations or third parties acting on behalf of the reporting organization are responsible for ensuring that the link to the report provided in the Report Registration form links to the website that hosts the original report. GRI cannot be held liable for links that direct users to locations that are not the organization’s website or to reports that have been modified and are therefore not the original. Neither GRI nor its Data Partners can be held liable for any incorrect information included in any section of the Sustainability Disclosure Database. If errors or inaccuracies are brought to GRI’s attention, GRI will undertake appropriate action to ensure up-to-date information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, GRI and its Data Partners do not warrant that the data and the submitted reports are accessible at all times, due to maintenance and/or other circumstances.

The Sustainability Disclosure Database includes sustainability and integrated reports that GRI is aware of. Some reports may be omitted, in particular those in non-Latin scripts or those not published online. Reports based on the GRI Guidelines but without a GRI Content Index are included as “Citing - GRI” reports in the Sustainability Disclosure Database and are not considered to be GRI reports.

All metadata that is publicly available in the Sustainability Disclosure Database can be used for external publication by any third parties. The use and presentation of this metadata is not controlled by GRI and GRI cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation of data. All unique functionality (analytics, benchmarking, search etc.) included in the Database belongs exclusively to GRI and should not be reproduced by other parties without the sole permission of GRI. For further information, please email.