Zenith Bank Plc is a Nigerian commercial bank with international authorization that allows us to operate our subsidiaries overseas. We are one of the strongest and most respected brands in Nigeria. In 2015, we were rated by the Bankers Magazine, UK, as the largest bank in Tier 1 Capital in the country and the seventh biggest bank in Africa. We are also rated among the 300 biggest banks in the world. Our strategy has been anchored on continued investment in quality people, state of the art technology and excellent customer service delivery. The combined intellectual capital and commitment of our staff, management and Board have molded Zenith into the world class institution that it is today. From inception, Zenith Bank clearly set out to distinguish itself in the banking industry through its service quality, drive for a unique customer experience and the caliber of its customer base. Our growth is driven principally by a strategic business focus, commitment to quality service, close attention to risks management, excellent shareholders returns and a conservative business model. Our main service delivery channels remain our branches which currently stand at about 358. The brand has become synonymous with leadership in ICT and innovative banking and is an industry leader in the offering of electronic banking services, such as ATM, POS Terminals, Internet banking, mobile and telephone banking services, amongst others. Our offices are located in prime business and commercial cities in each State of the Federation and they are easily accessible to all clearing offices and zones of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Over the last ten years, we have remained a tier 1 bank despite the prevailing economic and operational circumstances. The bank has efficiently deployed its competitive advantages of excellent customer service, size, brand name, branch network and customer reach, stable management, well motivated workforce, strong capital and liquidity base in order to effectively compete in the Nigerian banking landscape. We have banking and non-banking subsidiaries in Nigeria, Africa and Europe. Our foreign subsidiaries include Zenith Bank UK, Zenith Bank Ghana Limited, Zenith Bank Sierra Leone Limited and Zenith Bank, The Gambia Limited. The Group also has representative offices in South Africa and China. These subsidiaries provide comprehensive trade services to major global corporations and medium sized enterprises operating in their locations. They also provide traditional banking products and services tailored to meet the needs of local customers. Our Nigerian subsidiary, Zenith Pension Custodians Limited offers pension management and custodian services to pension funds administrators. Zenith Bank provides its services through a variety of channels, including its network of branches and ATMs across the various locations where it operates, electronically, through its internet and mobile banking platforms as well as through point of sale terminals. The Group aims to continue to develop and expand the channels through which it provides convenient services to customers. As at December 31, 2015, the Group had approximately 163 off-site locations, strategically situated in various commercial centers around Nigeria in addition to its network of branches. These off site locations comprise small business offices such as kiosks, which are located in airports, university campuses, large shopping malls, or the premises of core customers of the Group, strictly for cash collection purposes. The Group has a total of 1,268 of Automated Teller Machines with 1,206 in Nigeria, 54 in Ghana, 4 in the Gambia and 4 in Sierra Leone. The machines are mounted in branches and strategic locations such as airports, university campuses, large shopping malls and premises of large manufacturing firms employing large numbers of workers. Our issued debit and credit cards are accepted by ATMs of other institutions worldwide. We also collaborate with other card issuing agencies to offer internationally recognized cards, such as MasterCard and Visa, in different currencies. Our range of internet and mobile banking products and services offer customers, services such as collections and remittances of bills, real time internet banking, purchase of mobile phone airtime, funds transfers, cheques requisitions and confirmations, balance enquiries and statement services. We remain focused on delivering world class banking experience in all the countries where we operate and will continue to invest in the best technology and people that would deliver on our service promises to our valuable customers.

  • Size: MNE
  • Type: Private company
  • Listed: Listed
  • Sector: Financial Services
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Country Status: DAC-LMICT
  • Employees: 5,000 - 10,000
  • Revenue: 2173000000 USD
  • GRI Community:
  • Stock listing code: Not provided


www: visit
HQ Address: Zenith Heights, 87, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island
HQ City: Lagos, Nigeria
Contact person: Mrs. Eunice Sampson
Email: send email




Zenith Bank is a financial services company operating in Nigeria, with presence in West Africa, South Africa and the United Kingdom. While some of our service delivery channels have the tendency to impact the environment, our major influence as a financial services institution comes from third parties, and these include our project finance, lending and investment activities. These financial products and services cut across clients and projects in diverse sectors, including environmentally sensitive ones such as Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Power and Infrastructure, Mining, Real Estate and Construction, among others. We are aware of the inherent environmental challenges posed by projects in these sectors, and take proactive steps to minimize and mitigate them. We also understand that it is our corporate responsibility to enlighten our clients and project partners on existing laws and regulations in this regard, and to ensure their compliance with our Environmental and Social policies. In doing this, we understand our obligation to carry along all key stakeholders, especially third party business partners, investees, contractors, vendors and service providers whose activities could indirectly exacerbate our business footprints. We remain committed to ensuring effective monitoring of environmental and social risks along our entire value chain, particularly our third party business partners. To address the issue of third parties footprints, the Bank has introduced environmental and social risk management framework which guide all major business decisions. In addition to our investees, we are currently expanding this dragnet to include our vendors, suppliers and contractors. Our major investees, business partners and service providers are also being educated on our environmental and social risks policies as they apply to third party relationships and the penalties for default. While we may be constrained in our capacity to enforce our E and S policies on third parties, we however reserve the right to terminate such relationships in proven cases of outright violation of applicable laws and regulations on human rights and the environment. While we respect the third party status of our suppliers and contractors, we are however mindful that their business relationship with us could result in social and environmental reputational damage to our brand. Therefore, in addition to documented SLAs, we engage in unscheduled visits to sites and offices of our key suppliers and vendors to carry out first hand assessment of their business procedures. This is to ensure that they operate within acceptable social and environmental laws and regulations. This strategy enables us to track trends, spot emerging risks and establish appropriate boundaries and interventions.


Zenith Bank’s growing adoption of Sustainable banking policies and practices presents new business opportunities that were hitherto not evident. We are discovering new investment hotspots in renewable energy, recycling technologies, and energy efficiency. As we take deliberate steps to pursue green loans and credits, we see new untapped opportunities that offer us enhanced competitive edge in the industry we play. Today, we are positioning our brand as the industry leader in the emerging renewable energy sector, which in the major markets we play, remains vastly untapped. Our deepened understanding of sustainable principles and standards have placed us in a strategic and advantageous position to lead this sector that promises to be the inexhaustible gold mine of the future. Our sustainable business strategy is also propelling our rapid penetration in the retail market, which is our newest banking focus. Our commitments to supporting government’s policies on inclusive growth and financial inclusion has led to the introduction of new products and services that have largely enhanced our earnings. For example, our Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, USSD, a product introduced in 2015, offers convenient, fast, and secure way for our target customers to access their bank accounts and perform banking transactions via non-smartphone, and without internet connectivity. With the USSD banking, we plan to meet the financial service needs of over 30 million adult Nigerians that are currently financially excluded. We are now also better positioned to leverage the gains of our energy efficiency policies, and initial estimates indicate that we could save over N30,000,000 a year in energy spending in our head office complex alone by adopting low energy consumption facilities and retrofitting. In 2015, a total of 750 employees, representing 12 percent of our workforce were trained on Sustainable Business Principles and Standards. This was designed to create awareness on our evolving green business strategies and vision, and develop the needed skills and capacity in implementation them. We have seen significant improvements in resource efficiency and utilization among our employees and business units since then. We are mindful of the sustainability of our brand and are more determined than ever to enhance value creation for our stakeholders and build a solid brand that would remain relevant and competitive now and in the future. Experiences from our sustainability journey so far have proven that Sustainable economic, environmental and social practices offer innovative, win-win solutions that no progressive business should ignore.