Goodwill PR and Communication Agency

Goodwill PR and Communication Agency has been providing full range of communication services since 2003. With our assistance many companies could launch their new products successfully, make working communication, build good image for the company. We are proud of our success, also in the nonprofit sector. Client’s wishes have primary role and we act in his name just like he would or should.

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  • Country: Hungary
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Our activities consist of five mean topics- 1.PR and Communications (internal and external corporate communication, crisis communication, crisis management, reputation management, leader guidance, press contacts, PR, media planning, media purchasing).2.Marketing (image and graphic design, campaign planning and construction, ad planning, marketing communications, promotion tools).3.Event management (press conference, meetings, events, creative programs).4.Trainings (personal and group media trainings, client-relationship trainings).5.Online (image building and business-attractive, web pages, customer-catching web solutions, online communication, e-marketing, electronic newsletter)