Metro de Málaga, concessionaire for the Andalusian Government was created in 2004 for the drafting, implementation and construction of lines 1 and 2 of the Málaga underground railway, as well as for future commercial operations.

The official opening of part of the Málaga Metro was in July 2014. The current operational sections are from the Palacio de los Deportes station to El Perchel, and from El Perchel to Andalucía Tech, which represents a total of 17 stations situated along approximately 12 kilometers of track.

The layout design of lines 1 and 2 of the Málaga Metro take the form of an X and has been created with the objective of enabling more than 200,000 residents, who are all potential users, to be within 500 meters of a station. This design offers a service to the most densely populated districts of the city such as Carretera de Cadiz and Cruz de Humilladero, at the same time connecting with first class public facilities such as the University campus in Teatinos, Clinico and Carlos Haya hospitals, the Central Courts of Justice (Cuidad de la Justicia) and Palacio de los deportes. Finally for the city centre, a very significant area for both commerce and tourism, (Atarazanas station which will be located in Alameda Principal and in close proximity to near to Calle Torregorda). In addition, the extension of Line 2 will cover the area of Bailén – Miraflores, this route will provide a service to both the children’s Materno hospital and the Civil Hospital.

The location of El Perchel station allows easy connection between the two metro lines without having to change platforms and facilitates fast access to the AVE, middle-distance, regional and local trains in addition to the intercity bus station.

Modern in design, technologically advanced performance, comfortable and safe, while at the same time being fast, reliable and accessible. The Metro de Málaga is an environmentally sustainable method of transport aimed at responding to the Málaga citizens demand for mobility and to become a benchmark for public transport in the city.

In Metro Malaga we carry out our business using a management policy that is based on the following principles:

MISSION – To be a sustainable transport system whose team is committed to the customer and enthusiastic about its professional development.  The transport system is supported by modern, safe, advanced technology.  It has easily accessible facilities that are connected to other public transport systems so that Malaga is easy to travel around.

VISION – To become established as the safest and most efficient form of transport in the city of Malaga.

VALUES – We know what we want and how to achieve it: Commitment, Safety, Reliability, Customer service, Teamwork and Pride.

COMMITMENT:  We work with passion, being demanding with our processes, our work and its results and we are always looking for continuous improvement.

Committed to our community and other interest groups: providing Malaga with a reliable and safe sustainable public transport service, which is also comfortable and quick.

Committed to our users:  We want to exceed their expectations, taking their opinion into account through personalized care, which is a hallmark of our public transport system.

Committed to the continuous improvement of the universal accessibility management system as well as meeting the current legislation of the DALCO (Mobility, Awareness, Location, Communication) requirements.

Committed to the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and the continuous improvement of environmental performance: we are helping to create a more sustainable city, reducing the emission of greenhouse effect gases and contributing to the improvement of the air quality in Malaga.

Committed to our business partners: we think of them as people as well as professionals, providing a working environment in which they can develop and contribute added value to the project.

Committed to complying with all requirements: we respect the regulations, ensuring compliance with all those that apply legally, as well as others associated with the quality of service and other areas within our scope: the environment, those relating to the health and safety of our employees, operational rail safety and other commitments acquired voluntarily.

SAFETY: Metro Malaga analyses risks at the start of its processes, ensuring the safety of the population and providing safe and healthy working conditions.  Operational rail safety is a priority that is achieved through threat identification and risk control.  We use the latest technology and we act responsibly, efficiently and with discipline.  We use communication channels, training and information so that our employees can make continuous improvements to the system.

RELIABILITY: The systems introduced ensure confidence in our installations and they allow us to guarantee the frequency and regularity of the service.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We identify, listen to and deal with the needs of our customers to create confidence and loyalty in them with the aim of being the benchmark for transport in the city of Malaga.

TEAMWORK: We join forces to achieve our objectives.  Teamwork implies sharing knowledge and experience, each individual contributing their best and taking on the responsibilities that each position has, with the common achievement of the company objectives because the work of one person is the work of everyone.

PRIDE: We contribute to the success and achievements of Metro Malaga.  We are committed to continuous improvement and to work that is carried out well.  We feel as if the company were our own.

                                                                                                                                    Fernando Lozano Ruiz

                                                                                                                              Managing Director

                                                                                                                                   Metro de Málaga S.A.


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