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We are the European leader for study trips and organize group tours on around 1000 routes in more than 120 countries worldwide. Event trips, city tours, tours for single and employed travellers complement the range. More than 300 people work at the Munich headquarters, which coordinate and train more than 570 tour leaders around the world. Marco Polo Travel is a subsidiary of Studiosus Reisen, a family business that was founded back in 1954. The group of companies offers tours through 6500 travel agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. High-quality programs, excellent tour leaders, constant innovation and many years of travel expertise make Studiosus a reliable and capable tour operator.

  • Size: SME
  • Type: Private company
  • Listed: Listed
  • Sector: Tourism/Leisure
  • Country: Germany
  • Country Status: OECD
  • Employees: 250 - 499
  • Revenue: 313000000 USD
  • GRI Community: Not provided
  • Stock listing code: -


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HQ Address: Riesstraße 25
HQ City: 80992 Munich
Contact person: Norbert Schüle
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Studiosus is dependent on a number of external factors as a tour operator, among them safety and security, which take on special importance for travellers. In 2002, we established our own Safety and Security Management System, certified according to international standards since 2004 with the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. The system encompasses all levels of planning and execution of tours. A crucial element of security management is our regular analysis of travel security in the countries where we operate, and our evaluation of the travel and security precautions released by the German Foreign Office. Studiosus Safety and Security Management also covers hotels and transportation worldwide.


As a tour operator, it is our wish and our mission to take both responsibility for and to preserve the cultural diversity and natural beauty of our planet, for ourselves and for future generations. In 1998, we became the first European tour operator to submit to an EU eco-audit, for which it formulated an environmental policy, created an environmentally and socially responsible action plan and set up an environment management system. Sustainable travel is, in our opinion, not only a way to help protect the natural environment and improve living conditions in host countries, it is also a way for us to attract new customers and to create a loyal support base.