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Givaudan International SA

As the leading company in the fragrance and flavour industry, Givaudan develops unique and innovative fragrance and flavour creations for its customers around the world. We have a 25 percent market share, and this industry leadership position is underpinned by a sales and marketing presence in all major markets. We create fragrances for personnal and homecare brands that range from prestige perfumes to laundry care, and in flavours our expertise spans beverages, savoury, snacks, sweet goods and dairy products.

  • Size: Large
  • Type: Private company
  • Listed: Listed
  • Sector: Chemicals
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Country Status: OECD
  • Employees: 5,000 - 10,000
  • Revenue: 4800000000 USD
  • GRI Community: Not provided
  • Stock listing code: Not provided


www: visit
HQ Address: Givaudan SA - Chemin de la Parfumerie 5
HQ City: 1214 Vernier, Switzerland
Contact person: Not provided
Email: Not provided




Upstream risks Raw material availability Fragile natural resources and environment Climate change and its effect on naturals Global supply chain complexity


Upstream and Downstream Opportunities Local community prosperityand well being Environmental protection Demand for products with reduced environmental lifecycle impacts Demand for healthy and natural products Increased interest of products origin and traceability Growing consumer spend in emerging and developing markets