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Gruppo SGR ha segnato la storia della distribuzione e della vendita di gas metano su parte del territorio romagnolo e marchigiano. In oltre cinquanta anni di attività l’azienda è stata capace di generare rapporti solidi e di lunga durata con i clienti e il territorio, proponendo un modello di servizi basato su sicurezza, qualità, fiducia e trasparenza. Alcune attività del Gruppo SGR • Distribuzione e vendita di gas naturale • Vendita energia elettrica • Progettazione, realizzazione, gestione e manutenzione di impianti termici condominiali con servizio di gestione calore • Teleriscaldamento •Installazione e manutenzione di impianti di riscaldamento e condizionamento

  • Size: SME
  • Type: Private company
  • Listed: Non-listed
  • Sector: Energy Utilities
  • Country: Italy
  • Country Status: OECD
  • Employees: 250 - 499
  • Revenue: Not provided
  • GRI Community: Not provided
  • Stock listing code: Not provided


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Contact person: Elisa Tamagnini
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Gruppo SGR has always combined the quality of its customer services with respect for the environment along with respect for health and for the safety of its employees, customers and anybody involved in its business operations (suppliers, contributors, stakeholders, etc.). The adoption of a Code of conduct and an Organization, Management and Control system, along with the introduction of a Surveillance Body, has improved the general attitude towards compliance with current law and regulations. The implementation of its Integrated Management system is also helping to improve the quality of our business procedures, the safety of our activities, a wider protection for the environment and preventive measures for accidents and occupational diseases.


We provide technical solutions and energy supplies in an efficient and safe way throughout our area. We pursue and value strong, sustainable and widespread bonds with the local community. We guarantee quality and expertise at the right price, based on services that we have constantly renewed since our inception over fifty years ago. Every single day we renew our commitment for a sustainable development by encouraging the use of alternative energy sources and a smart use of natural gas and electricity. We encourage a cultural process based on sharing ideas and values in order to enrich our service system and support projects that restore citizens to their central role.